What are we doing?

We develop “Online Loyalty software” for

  • Reduce paper and Increase people creativity
  • Systematically manage member information
  • Update news and promotion instantly on mobile application
  • Examine point and reward for each member real-time
  • Manage promotion campaign from the center
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We proudly propose our system composed of

Website – for Admin
Mobile application – for Consumer

Summary 7 features


2 Types of user

1) Admin – for staff to control everything via Website
2) Consumer – for our customers’ customer to use on Mobile Application
     2.1) general visitor (no need to login)
     2.2) normal customer
     2.3) premium customer

In profile page, consumer level and other personal information is shown with the Barcode or QRcode.

Customers are able to edit their information by themselves on Mobile Application


Staffs can manage (add/edit/delete) product and category easily

2 types of productse

     -Click & collect – customer order product and immediately get it and delivery to their home
     -Coupon – customer buy right to use in coupon format and can redeem the right later on

Flash sales – system can pick up a product to show in limited time and specific price with count-down timer.

System provides transaction report to monitor sales and their status
Ordered -> Prepared -> Picked up


Staff can assign point to customer by ID or phone number

Customer can earn and redeem point on their mobile application

Staff can organize lucky draw campaign and notify customer on mobile application

System provides report to summarize point and reward for each member

Customers will think of you

report Point and Reward will retain customers for you
One system for every branches you have


Staff can create point campaign easily

When customer buy, we give point:

For example
User service 1 time get 10 Point
Pay 1,000 THB get 10 Point
We can set any reward:

For example
10 Point get 10% discount
20 Point get free product



Easily add news in back office and send notify to customers

Be able to set publish time in advance

Customers can share news on Facebook and Line



Map – show all branches in one map
List – show each branch one bye one


We can relief customer support workload by provide Frequently Ask Question on Mobile application


Any other information, we can manage from back office to show on customer mobile application for example: About us, Privacy policy, Term of use